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Born and raised in Seychelles I feel a deep love for our country and the strong wish for it to progress. Such progress to me is not reduced to solely economic aspects but as much to sustainability, long term improvement of living conditions and business environment. With tourism being the by far largest and influential industry shaping the development of Seychelles, it was just  natural to pursue a career in the field. Holding a Bachelor Degree from James Cook University and a Master Degree from Erasmus Programme of the European Union both in Tourism Management provides me with the best academic background I could wish for.


My professional career with key stakeholders at the UNDP, the Seychelles Tourism Board as well as private corporations like Hilton and the Constance Group allowed me a comprehensive understanding of the tourism industry`s potentials but also obstacles and deficits from very different perspectives. I consider this a most valuable asset as I have experienced on countless occasions that a position predetermined by a stakeholder`s particular business nature too often narrows views, so potentials and problem solutions are overlooked. Or in simple words: a mountain that seems impossible to climb often is not when looking at it from another angle.


This approach I applied during my different jobs but also when supporting friends and family with their tourism businesses. Subsequently the demand within the industry for professional tourism consulting became obvious and led to establishing Turismo Consultancy.


My commitment, reliability and work ethics remain my personal motto in what I do and in the services I provide. When not working for my clients I engage in sustainability projects within tourism but also beyond as I am convinced that social integration and the protection of our unique nature are critical factors to Seychelles´ progress. The time left I like to spend travelling so beyond the places experienced during my education in Australia, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain and Kenya I was blessed to visit many more. Such information might seem irrelevant here at first glance but it is not as these travels provided my with another vital perspective: the one of a visitor which naturally is very different to the one of a stakeholder while it should always be in the centre of our focus.


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