How we work together

Successful tourism business is a result of keeping track of customers` demands and needs. As a result my focus centres on listening, understanding and providing you with a personalised service that meets your specific business requirements.


The success of your business is achievable by applying in- depth knowledge and capabilities in tourism management, marketing and customer service to your business operations. Additionally, by putting you on a solid track to success with sustainable results through active follow- ups.


For the destination, Turismo Consultancy provides a holistic analysis in tourism development which includes strategic planning, new product development and visitors´ experience development with a focus on sustainability and community integration. 

Additionally, I provide support on managing the tourism value chain and value creation based on analysing the resources available and by developing new and refining existing tourism products that offer value to both the destination and the visitors.

If you feel my professional assistance can be useful to your project just get in touch.